Ep 2: Inheritances 101 – What You Need to Know

Her Wealth Matters

13-02-2020 • 18 mins

Most of us have very little experience with inheritances. Would you even what steps to take after receiving money or property? Today we’ll identify the mistakes people make when preparing an estate plan, what you should do if you receive an inheritance, and talk about other things you should consider.

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Today's rundown:

0:52 – We want to spend some time on inheritance today.

1:20 – Most of us don’t have any experience to draw on when it comes to handling inheritances.

2:22 – The first issue many people worry about is taxes. What do we need to know on that front?

5:06 – How much has the SECURE Act changed the way people are planning?

6:52 – What are some common mistakes people make with their estates that make it more difficult for their beneficiaries? 8:27 – J’Neanne shares a story of someone who died before changing beneficiaries.

9:20 – What about the common mistakes people make after receiving an inheritance?

12:42 – What are the first steps someone can take when receiving an inheritance?

13:45 – Americans don’t often think about multi-generational planning but a proper advisor can help you with that long-term planning.

16:30 – Here’s the bottomline on what you need to do now.