Ep 1: Welcome To The New 'Her Wealth Matters' Podcast

Her Wealth Matters

10-02-2020 • 23 mins

The focus of our podcast has shifted and today we’re going to tell you why by giving you the background behind the decision, why we feel this new objective is so important, and the goals for the show. Plus, we’ll learn more about J’Neanne’s career and how she got into this career after her time in the military.

Show notes & resources at http://herwealthmatters.com/

Show Agenda:

1:30 – Welcome to the new show!

2:30 – Why did the show name change and what’s the meaning behind the new name?

3:10 – J’Neanne’s grandparents had a big influence on her.

4:42 – Our business and show not just about investing but every decision that goes into retirement planning.

6:54 – Who is the ideal listener for this show? Is it just women? 8:29 – Women aren’t prepared well enough for retirement and that’s what we want to focus on.

10:49 – We will also talk about how you can be more of a partner in a relationship.

11:42 – Along the lines of relationships, women can end up in a difficult situation following divorce or death of a spouse.

13:45 – How did J’Neanne get into the financial planning business?

17:28 – A lot of J’Neanne’s family has military and service experience.

19:17 – What do you like most about being in this business?

20:29 – What does a typical weekend look like for J’Neanne?