Ep 7: Social Distancing for Your Money

Her Wealth Matters

16-04-2020 • 13 mins

We’re all doing our best to take the social distancing guidelines to heart by changing the way we’re living right now, but let’s take a break from the seriousness of it all with a lighter discussion on separation. What would that look like if social distancing was applied to your financial planning?

Read more and get additional resources here: https://theuswealthadvisors.com/2020/04/ep-7-social-distancing-for-your-money/

Today's rundown:

0:40 – Some background on our topic today.

2:31 – First one: Your emergency fund and the stock market

5:38 – Second one: Life insurance and our investments.

7:42 – Third one: High turnover investment strategies and after-tax brokerage accounts

10:10 – Final one: Your emotions and your investment decisions.