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The Hedgineer Podcast

Michael Watson

The Hedgineer Podcast explores the world of finance, hedge funds and prop trading by looking at the technology that is used to build it. We interview the brightest minds in industry to discuss where they see the technology in the space going and how it is shaping the industry. For anyone building a career in the industry, trying to leverage technology to get an edge, or just curious about what this crazy world of technology in investing is like, this show is for you!

Hedgineer = Hedge Fund + Engineer

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Ep. 6: Using AI to Build One of the Best Datasets for Investing
Ep. 6: Using AI to Build One of the Best Datasets for Investing
In the 6th episode of the Hedgineer podcast, Thomas Li, co-founder of Daloopa, delves into the crucial role of precise historical financial data in fundamental investing. The discussion highlights a significant problem faced by financial analysts: the painstaking, time-consuming task of data extraction and management of financial models in Excel. As Michael and Thomas have both experienced first hand this is no easy task, but Daloopa aims to address this issue (and pretty much as solved it) by providing a comprehensive, single-source database for historical fundamentals, ensuring high quality and precise data for fundamental equity investors. This innovation is a game-changer for hedge funds and asset managers, offering them a more efficient and reliable resource for fundamental investing.The conversation moves towards the unique approach Thomas and team take to structuring financial data. The focus is placed on presenting data exactly as the company reports it, ensuring accuracy over taxonomy in their data model. Thomas also discusses how with the help of machine learning and AI models, the company navigates the complexities of KPIs and adjustments, acting as a 'perfect messenger' of publicly available data.This is a great episode for financial analyst, hedge fund engineers, entrepreneurship, and anyone interested in learning about a core problems for a fundamental investor. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Ep. 2 Commodities Quant to Crypto CEO
Ep. 2 Commodities Quant to Crypto CEO
In this episode of the Hedgineer Podcast, Neel Somani, joins us to discuss his journey from being a software engineer and quantitative researcher for Citadel Commodities to a CEO and founder of Eclipse. We talk about how he was able to pivot after the collapse of Terra Luna and raise $15,000,000 to build out a blockchain as a service protocol that leverages the power of ZK rollups.Careers:Neel talks us through the transition from a software engineer at AirBnB, to a financial engineer and quantitative researcher at Citadel, then lastly as a founder. Later in the episode he talks about similarities and differences for engineers that decide to work on blockchain projects and how the motivations are similar to financial engineering because it interweaves economics and computer science.Finance:He was quick to point out that he now spends very little time writing code, although is still involved in all architecture discussions. One area he spends more time on is business development. He provides insight into the similarities between BD in crypto vs non-crypto companies. We discuss that, similar to equities, the KPIs to focus on for BD, are protocol/sector specific. As Neel points out, for protocols like Eclipse you would look at transaction count, but for something like Gnosis, you look at TVL. We also compare crypto to commodities and get Neel's take on how best to compare the two, and Michael even highlights the comparisons to nation state currencies.TechNeel gives a brief overview of ZK roll-ups and how they provide cryptographic proof of the operations that have been executed to provide the current state of the network. We also touch on the tech stack similarities and differences between financial engineering vs block chain engineering, where the language level differences are pretty minimal if working in Rust. Neel also highlights the importance of Computer Science fundamentals that are especially true when designing an L1.Hedgineer = Hedge Fund + EngineerLearn more at or follow us on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.