9. When does frugality go too far?

Aussie FIRE | Financial Independence Retire Early

29-03-2024 • 55 mins

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For most people on a FIRE journey, frugality is a potent tool in their toolkit. Yes, investing plays a role – but frugality serves a range of key purposes beyond saving. For starters, it can help you unlock money you didn’t even know you were spending. And, perhaps more importantly, it can train you to better manage your finances both pre- and post-FIRE.

However, does there come a point at which too much frugality can become a problem?

In this session, Dave (Strong Money Australia) and Hayden (co-founder of Pearler) seek to answer this very question. They do this by sharing their own experiences with frugality, and the minimum amounts they’ve been able to live on. They also discuss what to do when frugality goes too far, and how you can rein it in without impacting your goals.

By the episode’s end, you’ll feel more optimistic about a balanced approach to FIRE!

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