8. John 4 - A Well in a Foreign Land

Rethinking Scripture

26-07-2021 • 35 mins

Rethinking Scripture Podcast -

Episode 8: A Well in a Foreign Land (John 4)

July 26, 2021 - Host: Dr. Gregory Hall

In John chapter 4, Jesus has a meeting with a woman at a well. What kind of person was this woman? We’ve been lead to believe she was a social outcast, possibly a prostitute, someone with an immoral past, who was shunned by her own community. You might have come to see her as a misfit. But from where do these conclusions come? There are two details from this story that have been taken out of their first-century context, we’ve come to some modern-day conclusions about what they mean. In turn, we’ve painted a Picasso of a portrait that would have been unrecognizable to John’s first-century audience. You may feel you have a deep-seated understanding of this Samaritan… but it’s time to rethink what we thought we already knew about the woman at the well.

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