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S7 EP36: Adam Kay
S7 EP36: Adam Kay
Joining us this episode to discuss the highs and lows of parenting (and life) is the brilliant writer, author, comedian and former doctor - Adam Kay. Adam is best known as author of the number-one bestselling book ‘This Is Going to Hurt’. His new book KAY’S INCREDIBLE INVENTIONS is available now. In the latest laugh-out-loud book from the record-breaking Adam Kay and Henry Paker, you’ll learn about everything ever invented, from the daft to the disgusting to the downright dangerous. You’ll discover all about the queen who pooed on the first ever toilet, how velcro was invented by a dog and why the Ancient Greeks wiped their bums on dinner plates, as well as 48,762,851,208 other facts. (Approximately.) Illustrated by Henry Paker, friend and fellow comedian, who has worked on all Adam’s bestselling children’s books, Kay’s Incredible Inventions is funny and factual, written with the UK's Key Stage 2 science and history curriculum very much in mind, and is destined to inspire the next generation of scientists and inventors. Just like Kay's Marvellous Medicine and Kay's Anatomy, Kay's Incredible Inventions offers wonderfully gross and wonderfully funny entertainment. It offers fun first but also education by stealth. Parenting Hell is a Spotify Podcast, available everywhere every Tuesday and Friday. Please leave a rating and review you filthy street dogs... xx If you want to get in touch with the show here's how: EMAIL: INSTAGRAM: @parentinghell MAILING LIST:  A 'Keep It Light Media' Production  Sales, advertising, and general enquiries: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit