EP02 - Between Two Bots with Maria Axente, Responsible AI Lead at PwC UK

Between Two Bots

17-11-2021 • 50 mins

Welcome back to Between Two Bots. This is the podcast where we discuss the future of humanity, society, and government as seen through the lens of your data, your privacy, and the ethics of AI. The is a conversation we need to be having now. We want you to be on the right side of innovation. Listen each week to learn from experts who are on the front lines defining how we’ll work and live alongside machines. If you enjoy these discussions, please like, share, and comment in your favorite podcast app.

One of our recurring themes is how technology and Big Tech is disrupting the traditional role of governments. Today’s guest is no stranger to the topic.

Maria Luciana Axente leads responsible and ethical AI initiatives for PwC in the UK. She was named one of 100 Billiant Women in AI ethics in 2019 and advises organizations like the World Economic Forum and UNICEF on issues related to the impact of AI on society.