Tavern Talks

Tavern Talks with David Johansson

Welcome to Tavern Talks, the nexus where technology, gaming, and real-world economies converge. Our focus is on exploring the transformative power of AI in technology, understanding the detailed dynamics of in-game monetization and its ties to global economies, and investigating the prospects of Web3 in next-gen game development. Each episode is a deep dive into emerging trends and their potential impacts, designed to offer listeners insightful discussions and expert perspectives. Whether you’re a technology devotee, a gaming enthusiast, or a curious observer of the digital landscape, Tavern Talks is your compass in this rapidly-evolving world. Tavern Talks is hosted by David Johansson, Founder of MetaKing Studios and Creator of the MMO Strategy Game, BLOCKLORDS. Start your adventure in BLOCKLORDS at BLOCKLORDS.COM Keep up on Twitter: @lordofblocks @BLOCKLORDS read less