Ep 8 - Escaping Iraq & Appreciating America :: Khannaw Mohammed Ismael

The Kellye Rice Show

15-03-2023 • 33 mins

Join us as we sit down with Khannaw Mohammed Ismael to hear her powerful story of migration and the challenges she faced along the way. Khannaw is a valued team member with Dr. Rice.

In 2009, Khannaw fled Iraq in search of a better life, but her journey to America was far from easy. From navigating the complex immigration system to adapting to a new culture, Khannaw faced many obstacles. But through it all, she never gave up and secured her citizenship in 2014. Listen in as Khannaw shares her story of perseverance and the lessons she learned about strength, resilience, and the American Dream. This is a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity and chase their dreams.

5:00 KMI - Growing up in Kirkuk Iraq

10:40 KMI - 1988 Saddam Hussein story about gassing Kurds

16:00 KMI - Walking 700 miles, remembering her mom on a cold night

17:15 KR - KMI being invited to Thanksgiving dinners and how much patients love her

*****25:25 KMI - This country is a great country (I COUGH)

*****26:30 KMI - I always tell my kids how good they have it

29:30 KMI - College degree attained by reading with only one lamp


The Kellye Rice show is a podcast about Middle Tennessee entrepreneurs and the struggles they contend with on an ongoing basis. The conversations are meant to show that their challenges might be similar to yours. Ultimately we want to leave you inspired and motivated to keep going!

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