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Ep. 77 '"F*** Everything I've Ever Been Told": How Katie Lopes Got Over £1.5m Debt To Build Stripe & Stare

Working Hard, Hardly Working

04-03-2024 • 42 mins

Katie Lopes is a woman with resilience. She’s the founder and creative director of sustainable underwear brand Stripe and Stare, but her journey to get there has been anything but smooth sailing.

Katie has faced more than your average setbacks, and today she tells me about the tools she used to overcome £1.5 million in debt, a relationship breakdown and heartbreaking loss, and to come out the other side with a growing company and growing self-confidence.

She says “I didn’t have the confidence in myself until life tested me and I had no choice.” Her story is incredible, and a real testament to the fact that sometimes you just have to put your “big girl pants on” and find your way through.


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