The Healthy Dentist is a Wealthy Dentist, with Drs. Karen Tindall & Laura Schwindt

Dentists, Puns, and Money

24-05-2023 • 30 mins

Dr. Karen Tindall and Dr. Laura Schwindt combine their love of people, transformations, and dentistry together in their partnership of The Mint Door.

They share their story and how they help other dentists in this episode.

Drs. Tindall and Schwindt believe the well-being of dentists and their team members is the key to a successful practice and, more importantly, a happy life.

That's why both left clinical practice several years ago to pursue a different calling… providing total well-being programs and coaching for other dentists and their teams.

In this episode Dentists, Puns, & Money, they share their story of transformation. It led to a partnership called The Mint Door to help others like them.

Listen in as Dr. Karen and Dr. Laura share how “the achievement trap of dentistry” as they call it, can lead to unhappiness, and also why they believe a healthy practice is a wealthy practice.

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