Phasing Out of Clinical Dentistry, with Dr. Alan Stern

Dentists, Puns, and Money

02-08-2023 • 32 mins

Dr. Alan Stern is a practicing owner dentist and the founder of a coaching business called Better, Richer, Stronger.

After 42 years in practice, Dr. Stern is in the process of transitioning from clinical to coaching other dentists.

Through his program, Alan works with dentists who want to create a workplace that is productive & profitable and a life that is rewarding and meaningful.

In fact, Alan wrote the book, Enjoy the Ride for those who want to get out from the day to day grind and take charge of their roadmap to a better life.

As a result of his work, people often share they have more focus, more energy, more momentum and get the results
they no longer thought were possible.

In this episode Dentists, Puns, & Money, Dr. Alan Stern shares the number one thing he's learned in his career, and how he's approaching phasing out of clinical.

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