Frequently Asked Questions About Required Minimum Distributions

Dentists, Puns, and Money

10-05-2023 • 19 mins

Dentists often defer clinical and owner income into a 401(k), Profit Sharing Plan, or IRA during their peak practice years.

That's often a wise strategy to lower a dentist's lifetime tax bill.

But the IRS won't let a dentist avoid that tax bill forever. That's why its implemented something called Required Minimum Distributions beginning at a certain age.

If a dentist wants to play the long-term tax game to the best of their ability, it's critical they understand all the rules associated with RMD's.

In this episode Dentists, Puns, & Money, Shawn Terrell shares the 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions related to Required Minimum Distributions.

Listen to learn more about:

  • The age at which RMD's begin.

  • How to calculate your RMD.

  • The penalty for NOT taking an RMD.

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