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23-05-2023 • 54 seconds

"Billie Eilish" rapper Armani White sat down with Audacy's Mike Adam to discuss how he has managed to overcome some of his toughest personal mental health struggles.

"I overcame a lot in my life," Armani tells Mike Adam. "I went to my version of therapy. I went to grief counseling when I was a kid," he adds, "and I did that for a while just to deal with losing family, losing friends."

"For me, I like to take as much of a step out of my own shoes as I possibly can, and observe the world around me; Be the teacher to myself," he explains. "Me writing music is my therapy for the most part, me deciding to be happy is me coping with some of the pain, some of the struggles and things that I'm dealing with in my real life... It's just being an open book."

Words by Joe Cingrana Interview by Mike Adam

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