Far From Zen

Maggie Stolfa

On a scale from Chaos to Zen, where do you stand? I am Maggie Stolfa, and I feel as though my life is shit show. But I am not going to let my uneasy current state determine my fate. Instead, I am taking on new challenges to re-code the way I think. Through a mix of personal reflections and guests, I do what I love and am known for - talking to people! Oh, and side note - I have Bipolar 1 disorder. Part of my mission is to drive more conversations to help de-stigmatize mental illnesses while encouraging people to seek help when necessary. I hope by openly owning and mentioning my diagnosis at times throughout this podcast it helps others! Ready to embrace the journey to Zen with me? There is no roadmap. Just trial, error, and a lot of laughter!Instagram: Maggiestolfahttps://www.instagram.com/maggiestolfa/Website: Mjstolfa.com read less
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