Ep. 9 The Great Escape

Small Business Sips

15-07-2022 • 55 mins

Hello! Welcome to the ninth episode of Small Business Sips. In this episode, I got to sit down and interview Bill Murrieta Owner of The Great Escape, an escape room in Atascadero, California. Bill talks about his past and how it has led up to him owning The Great escape. We talk about the struggles in the beginning during the height of the pandemic while trying to open up to where he is at now. Bill has created an amazing entertainment space for the Central Coast community. The Great Escape has it all: from one-of-a-kind themed escape rooms, to VR rooms/games, to incredible food, and amazing wine and beer to pair with it.

Speaking of beverages, I hope you have your favorite one in hand to sip on while listening to this episode.


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