The Power of Being Vulnerable - ft. Sabrina Salov

The Stronger Scars Podcast

13-07-2022 • 1 hr 32 mins

This week's episode features Sabrina Salov; Bailey's soon-to-be teammate at Brandeis University. Sabrina shares her struggles with eating disorder while being a college athlete and how an injury sparked an unhealthy relationship with food. She talks about making the decisions to get the help that she needed and how difficult that was at the time. Bailey and Sabrina discuss the common culture of college life and how comparisons can easily lead to dissatisfaction in our own lives. The conversation harps on the power of vulnerability and how opening up one's personal struggles can bridge the gap between judgement and understanding.

*Possible trigger warning for Eating Disorders - Please check out NEDA if you or someone you know is struggling: The National Eating Disorders Association -

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