21 | Love The Life You Live Now (Part 2): PRIORITIZE

Generate Joy | Identity, Purpose & Mindset for Christian Women

07-11-2023 • 28 mins

Are  you already starting to stress out about the activities, responsibilities and festivities about to happen in these next 6 weeks?  Are you already giving yourself pep talks on how you can balance ministry and family all while staying focused being thankful, remembering Christ first… all the things…

This is calm before the storm right?

Do not get me wrong! I love it! I love people and shopping and parties and coming together as a body of believers to honor and celebrate Jesus! But there is also a bit of nervous energy in the pit of my stomach right now… like when i was a kid and i hopped on a merry-go round and the big kids were like hang on… no like really tight… ready… it’s so fun - until its out of control right?

But, what if I told you that this season does not have to feel like you are on a mary-go-round and feeling nauseous all season long… What if there were a way to get organized and prepare your mind to create the best season of joy ever??

Well today, we are gonna talk all about it!

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Photo by Amy Davis (Selfie)
Music: Respect For Yourself by Motion Array