Episode 807 - monday night football - coming soon... history! - shanghai movies - medical tests - bankrupt

Instant Trivia

28-04-2023 • 9 mins

Welcome to the Instant Trivia podcast episode 807, where we ask the best trivia on the Internet.

Round 1. Category: monday night football

  • 1: He started as a play-by-play man in 1971 and became an analyst in 1986.
  • Frank Gifford.
  • 2: This Dallas quarterback was quite "Dandy".
  • Don Meredith.
  • 3: The current play-by-play commentator, he's remembered for calling the Olympic hockey games in the '80s.
  • Al Michaels.
  • 4: He played himself in the films "Bananas" and "The 500-Pound Jerk" and was a lawyer before becoming a sportscaster.
  • Howard Cosell.
  • 5: This quarterback's real first name is Norman and he was stormin' as an analyst during the 1998-99 season.
  • Boomer Esiason.

Round 2. Category: coming soon... history!

  • 1: 1 man, 1 scientific mission... to tame the heavens... In 1752 he would invent the lightning rod... and electrify the world.
  • Benjamin Franklin.
  • 2: If you see only 1 19th c. author's final resting place this Xmas, make it this "Jungle Book" man's at Westminster Abbey.
  • Kipling.
  • 3: In 1860s England, he would change the rules of pugilism forever... by making them! This summer, Vin Diesel is....
  • the Marquess of Queensbury.
  • 4: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide... Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781... this gen.'s surrender would end a war... and birth a nation.
  • Cornwallis.
  • 5: In a world that cried out for a... map projection... only this Flemish cartographer would heed the call.
  • Mercator.

Round 3. Category: shanghai movies

  • 1: Roland Winters played this detective in "The Shanghai Chest" ; Sidney Toler in "The Shanghai Cobra".
  • Charlie Chan.
  • 2: In "Footlight Parade", this dancer, Mrs. Al Jolson, used a Chinese accent to play Shanghai Lil.
  • Ruby Keeler.
  • 3: 1987 Steven Spielberg epic that opens in Shanghai on the eve of World War II.
  • Empire of the Sun.
  • 4: After dumping Loretta Young in "Shanghai", he waylaid Hedy Lamarr in the casbah in "Algiers".
  • Charles Boyer.
  • 5: This 1948 Orson Welles film features a shattering climax in a hall of mirrors.
  • The Lady from Shanghai.

Round 4. Category: medical tests

  • 1: A finger stick is done to draw this.
  • blood.
  • 2: Patch and scratch tests can determine if you have one or more of these.
  • allergies.
  • 3: Not a soldier, the G.I. in an upper G.I. is this tract.
  • gastrointestinal.
  • 4: From the Latin for "life appearance", this procedure takes a sample of tissue, fluid or cells for study.
  • a biopsy.
  • 5: CTs and MRIs have largely replaced this procedure, also the name of a Nigel Tufnel group.
  • a spinal tap.

Round 5. Category: bankrupt

  • 1: Mark Twain went bankrupt investing in a typesetting machine instead of this man's new phone company.
  • (Alexander Graham) Bell.
  • 2: This county, home of Disneyland, in 1994 became the biggest U.S. municipality to file for bankruptcy.
  • Orange.
  • 3: After his family's business went bankrupt in 1818, he returned to writing tales like "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
  • Washington Irving.
  • 4: This showman became a sucker when he lost over $500.000 in an 1855 clock company investment.
  • Barnum.
  • 5: In 1788, under this king, the French government went bankrupt.
  • Louis XVI.

Thanks for listening! Come back tomorrow for more exciting trivia!

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