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Welcome to Let’s Talk Social Work, the podcast from the British Association of Social Workers. This is a space for conversation—discussion with social workers, the individuals they support, and colleagues working in related professions. We consider the key matters affecting social workers as we explore contemporary issues with a focus at both the local and global levels.

The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily those of the Association.

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The safety net is broken: how the cost-of-living crisis is laying bare the failings of our social security system
The safety net is broken: how the cost-of-living crisis is laying bare the failings of our social security system
In this episode we return to the issue of poverty in the UK.  The country remains gripped by the cost-of-living crisis, and while we are all being affected, for some, rising prices represent an inconvenience. But, for those who prior to the crisis were experiencing poverty, and for many millions of households which were already struggling to make ends meet, the impacts have been devastating.  Andy McClenaghan is joined by social worker and founder of Food is Care, Dominic Watters, Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick, Lecturer in Law at Ulster University and anti-poverty campaigner, and Jonny Adamson, Communications and External Relations Officer at the British Association of Social Workers. They explore the impacts of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the BASW UK campaign, Social Work Stands Against Poverty. You can listen to this, and all other episodes of Let’s Talk Social Work, at Apple Podcasts Spotify and everywhere else you get your podcasts, just search ‘Let’s Talk Social Work’.To book Dominic's ground-breaking Food Insecurity Training email - singledadsw@gmail.comFor information on BASW’s Social Work Stands Against Poverty campaign, click here. To read the Christian’s Against Poverty client report Taking on UK poverty, click here. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
It's a family affair
It's a family affair
In February, Let’s Talk Social Work examined the Government’s strategy for children’s social care in England, Stable Homes Built on Love, and we’re returning to an important issue discussed in that episode—kinship care.Andy McClenaghan is joined by kinship carer, Natalie Boyes, Sam Turner, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the charity Kinship, and Dr Paul Shuttleworth, Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Education and Social Work at Sussex University. Their conversation explores what kinship care is, the challenges kinship carers face, what social workers need to know about it, and what needs to change to ensure children in kinship care, and their carers receive the support they need.During the conversation Sam references the document Practising in kinship care: The perspectives of specialist social workers. Paul’s podcast, Do Do Social Work, co-hosted with Sarah Flagg, can be accessed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and everywhere else you get your podcasts. Some of Paul’s research can be accessed below: Shuttleworth, P.D. (2023) 'What matters for child participation - The role of valuation-based dialogical participation for children living in kinship care in England' Child and Youth Service Review (149) Available at :, P.D. (2022) ‘Recognition of Family Life by Children Living in Kinship Care Arrangements in England’, The British Journal of Social Work, p. bcac114. Available at:  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.