AudioBooks For ADHD Minds

Tiffany Saker Creative | @tiffanysaker

I'm Tiffany I have ADHD! (WOO) For majority of my life I have struggled with reading, I often find myself looking at the words without actually reading them. So I thought I'd create my own audio book sessions. Not only reading out loud but also enhancing with sound FX, music, creating a soundscape to keep our minds engaged. Not just for people with ADHD, anyone who wants to read! Relax and enjoy. read less
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Workplace Law and ADHD
Workplace Law and ADHD
Have you ever purchased noise cancelling headphones for the office or paid for apps that help you be more organised? Have you ever wished that your employer let you do tasks the way you work best? Well if you have ADHD you’re in luck! This is a legal obligation according to the The Disability Discrimination Act, not just in Australia but majority of first-world countries. If you’re in a developing country, take these tips anyways to advocate in your workplace and community. I’ll go through legal employee rights, specific ADHD workplace accommodations, and how to approach your employer whether they know you have ADHD! Always feel free to message me at: or my instagram @tiffanysaker Resources: Your Rights At Work if You Have ADHD,a%20state%20anti%2Ddiscrimination%20body. Legal Protection for ADHD It Just Doesn’t Add Up: ADHD/ADD, The Workplace and Discrimination Living with ADHD Examples of Reasonable Workplace Adjustments for Employees with ADHD,are%20most%20focused%20and%20productive. Reasonable Adjustments  -Neurodiversity AGCAS Disability Task Group What Reasonable Adjustments Work for ADHD at Work? An Employer's Guide to ADHD in the Workplace 7 Amazing Workplace Adjustments for ADHD Patients! Ideas for ADHD Accommodations at Work