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Unveiling the Rhythms of Community, Creativity and Vibrant Energy with JusPaul on Smiley J Artizone
Unveiling the Rhythms of Community, Creativity and Vibrant Energy with JusPaul on Smiley J Artizone
Welcome to the latest episode of Smiley J Artizone, a hub for celebrating independent music and creativity. Our host, Smiley J, engages in an exciting dialogue with the multi-talented Jess Paul— who is not just a singer and songwriter, but also a community activist and a comedian. In this engaging interview, Jess shares his unwavering passion for nurturing local music, with a particular focus on go-go - Washington D.C's signature genre. He discusses his contributions to Kids Crank, a non-profit initiative aimed at promoting musicianship among youth and across cultures. JusPaul also sheds light on his collaborations with other bands, especially with The Jogo Project, and their hit 'Baby Fever.' This go-go song, as per Jess, could be the most commercialized in the industry. Apart from music, Jess talks about his varied roles - from being a tour guide to a cultural advocate. He elaborates on mastering time management and scheduled planning that helps him juggle his many commitments. Besides his music, Jess Paul gives us a glimpse into his personal life, sharing his joy for crafting unforgettable moments with his family. Evidently, this vibrant personality shatters the 'serious adult' stereotype, emphasizing the value of creating and cherishing memories with loved ones. Jess leaves listeners with valuable advice for upcoming artists, inspiring them not to suppress their unique voices under societal pressures. He emphasizes the artists' significant role in community transformation and change. Further, he notes the importance of mental and emotional wellness, underlining the necessity of maintaining a positive mindset and eradicating toxicity. As a treat, the episode wraps up with a musical delight from JusPaul. Tune in and let his vibrant energy uplift your spirits and move your feet!