Seeking Comfort in Mugs, Mugs, Mugs, and Surprisingly Good Home Manicures

A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica

11-05-2020 • 39 mins

What does it say about us that we’re taking a great deal of pleasure in having a mug of something warm as a near-constant companion? You be the judge! Also for your consideration: a nail-painting tool, a line of chic retro dinnerware, a milk-frother, and an oddly satisfying timer to help get at least a couple to-dos checked off.

The linkage:

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We’ve been getting such good VMs, including the one at the end of this ep. If you want to join the fun: 833-632-5463.

Souvenir mugs we have or aspire to have: Russ & Daughters (they’ve discontinued the original), Hart’s, Cafe Du Monde, and Veselka. Also, vintage art museum mugs! And why not just make some on Zazzle and Shutterfly for friends when the mood strikes? A good way to memorialize photos, good or embarrassing.

Makers of the pretty ceramic mugs we want to have and to hold: Molly Anne Bishop, BTW Ceramics, Hasami Porcelain (There are two separate lines: one from Takuhiro Shinomoto, the founder of Tortoise General Store, and the other from Kyohei Baba), Chloe May Brown, Risa Nishimori, Knotwork, and Helen Levi.

Bitty espresso cups! Splatterware enamel ones from GSI Outdoors and non-splatter enamel ones from Falcon specifically.

Buy into the buzz of the Olive & June Poppy for home nail-painting. This whole Starter Set excellent—love the EC polish, and the topcoat is as good as promised.

Some more background on Heller Dinnerware by Massimo Vignelli. DWR sells the white version, and there’s tons of vintage on Etsy.

For more on the Pomodoro Technique, here you go. Give a try, or snag a cute tomato timer.

Oh, you thought we were done with mug-related content? NOPE. We have a very good milk frother rec for you.

And visit with Promo Code: ATHINGORTWO for 20% off your order!

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