32: Changing Your Relationship with Food and Your Body with Elizabeth Harris

Leading Lady Podcast

22-09-2020 • 26 mins

I will be the first to admit that I have always had a love/hate relationship with food. Like many other leading ladies, I have struggled with food and body image for most of my adult life. When I met our guest on today’s episode, I was finally able to identify some of my personal blocks and challenges were with nutrition and wellness.

Listen in to my conversation with Elizabeth Harris. Elizabeth is the owner of Elizabeth Harris Nutrition and Wellness,  a registered dietitian and certified dietitian nutrition coach. She helps women choose nourishing foods and build lifelong healthful habits so they can never diet again.  Her goal is to help women feel good about their wellness choices and their bodies and show up like an energized superstar for everyone and everything else they care about.

Unlike other nutrition programs that focus on what not to do or which foods to eliminate, restrict, or avoid, Elizabeth highlights all the foods and habits you can ADD to your routines to reach your goals while making nutrition simple, satisfying, and sustainable. She is passionate about putting pleasure and fun back into nutrition and food.

I hope that this episode inspires you to get curious about your nutrition habits and find ways to bring pleasure and joy back into eating healthily.

Show notes available at www.leadinglady-coaching.com/podcast

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