Episode 01 : Startup India Yatra, Google Launchpad in India

Startup Nibbles

12-07-2018 • 5 mins

Get the summary of the most exciting startup stories, two times a week. We will curate the news for you and bring it to you in audio. Startup Nibbles is available on your favourite podcast apps or sites including Stitcher and (soon) Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. This is a new show hosted by Amar Vyas and produced by Gaatha Story, the creators of MyKitaab Podcast; Baalgatha and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India. If you have any questions or comments, write to us at contact@gaathastory.com or on Twitter @meamarvyas. We bring you four stories in Ep 1: 1. Startup India Yatra van in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Read more at http://bit.ly/startup-india-yatra-van 2. Google Launchpad Accelerator Launched in India. Read more: http://bit.ly/Google-Launchpad-India 3. 90 Percent of Startups in India Fail Within 5 Years. Read More: http://bit.ly/startup-study-india 4. MobiKwik Launches Instant Loan Services. Source: The Digest App. Available at: https://www.boldkiln.com/thedigest/

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