Episode 7 Healthy A-Way

Startup Nibbles

02-08-2018 • 4 mins

We are publishing this episode on a Thursday instead of the scheduled day. In this episode, we talk about the barrage of news in the past week about investments in health related startups : from healthcare startups in lifestyle, patient records management, doctor consultations and even loans for the un or under-insured. Spcifically, we talk about Myhealthcare, Cure.fit, Healthsignz, Healthfin, Healthplix... We also cover the loylalty programs by Swiggy and Flipkart. You can find the links to the article in the shownotes for this episode. Startup Nibbles is available on Apple Podcasts ( https://bit.ly/startup-nibles-apple ) or your favourite podcast apps including Stitcherand Google Podcasts ( http://bit.ly/Startup-Nibbles-GooglePodcasts ). If you have any questions about this topic, write to us at contact@gaathastory.com.