Fighting for Venezuela EP:5

Without Maps

30-11-2020 • 1 hr 19 mins

*Warning: Sensitive topics covered on this episode*

In this crazy year of 2020 we have all seen civil and human rights protests unlike anything most of us have seen in our lifetime. Can you picture feeling like every single day was a fight for your civil rights? What would you do if all of your civil and human rights were being violated by the government?

On this episode of Without Maps, Venezuelan activist Melanio Escobar sits down with hosts Serena DiPenti and Sydney Bores to discuss, inform, and clarify about exactly what is going on in Venezuela and his work to help his country. Melanio is not only a badass and activist: he is also a journalist, communicator, organizer and technologist working to protect secure communications and free expression online in Venezuela and throughout Latin America. Melanio gets very candid about his experiences, his work, and what he is currently doing to fight for the rights of the people in Venezuela. Melanio will inspire you to get up and do something to fight for what you believe in.

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Special thanks to our producer Juan Salas for this help on this episode.

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