Queen of Corporate EP:6

Without Maps

07-12-2020 • 53 mins

Have you ever been in a situation at work, out, or in everyday life where you think to yourself.. “Wow that would be a hilarious meme.”

This week on Without Maps Krissy Gregory aka @Queenofcorporate sits down with hosts Serena DiPenti and Sydney Bores to talk dank memes, comedy, tell college stories, talk post grad life, and much more (we go a little off the rails this week but this is Without Maps). Krissy has a contagious and uplifting attitude with a side of bluntness that we all can relate to. Krissy tells us about how post-grad life has gone for her and what led to her meme page. Krissy will have you thinking of all of your favorite memes and make you laugh out loud.

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