Silent Sxpressions

Jackquardell Lawton

Silent Sxpressions is a podcast that promotes and encourages youth and young adults to express themselves out loud. This podcast is designed to give courageous girls and boys, fearless tweens and teens and bold young adults an opportunity to express their opinions, their insights and their feelings out loud through words so their voices can be. With topics from peer pressure, not fitting in and making friends, bullying and cyberbullying to embarrassment or feeling shy and dealing with low self-esteem. We’ll discuss anxiety, depression, and mental health struggles. Even suicidal thoughts and self-harm. These are just a few topics that the Silent Sxpressions Podcast will raise awareness about. And to top it off we’ll have extraordinary co-hosts like you and me with a bold, courageous, and confident spirit sharing real-life stories, experiences, knowledge, and wisdom in an effort to provide awareness to help our youth and young adults to identify with their emotions and the knowledge of the appropriate skills to cope and manage them effectively. Silent Sxpressions will encourage youth and young adults in our communities all over the world to be bold with humility as they learn the blueprint to master the skills to express themselves out loud. Wanna hear more from our youth and young adult as they express themselves out loud through words so their voices can be heard make sure you tune in every for a new episode as we aim for real change. read less
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