Serving you a Labor Day Weekend sports update (9/8)

Nothing Personal with David Samson

08-09-2020 • 48 mins

Today's word of the day is 'default' as in what happened to Novak Djokovic as in he got the boot from the U.S. Open for hitting accidentally hitting a line judge in the throat with a tennis ball (:06). This was the story of the sports weekend. It's been quite the summer for tennis bad boy. Will this hurt The Joker from catching Roger Federer? I need to address something that happened last Thursday. We were wrong to jump on a story that we thought was credible and it turned out to not be. We're referring to the Penn State athletic doctor and his report on covid-19. It seems like there was confusion on the public's part and we reported on that (10:10). The one thing I will say is this was not political. It was commentary on what was happening. Review - Love (18:45). What has happened to the New York Yankees (23:30)? They have become a complete disaster recently. Currently sitting at the 8-seed. S.O.S! IF this team doesn't make an expanded postseason...... What else happened in baseball this weekend? Max Fried, hurt. Eric Hosmer, hurt. Javy Baez is very upset with not being allowed to use the replay-review system during games. Just another weekend in MLB. So You Wanna Talk To Samson (31:30)!? Someone asked me how Nationals GM Mike Rizzo could possibly be thrown out of a game for not wearing a mask IN A STADIUM SUITE! Let's talk about umpire Joe West. WOOF! Let's finish today's show talking about Lionel Messi (42:45). He announced that he will be staying in Barcelona for at least this final season on his deal. Will he ever sign another deal with Barcelona again? #waittosee Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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