Your VBAC Birth Plan: Don’t make THIS rookie mistake that I made when planning my hospital Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

The VBAC Podcast

06-07-2022 • 31 mins

If you had a c-section that was physically or emotionally traumatic, you may be wondering if you will ever heal from your birth trauma. You may hear stories of "healing birth experiences" and dream of this for your next birth.

As you create your VBAC Birth Plan you imagine a magical moment of healing when you achieve your birth goals.

While it is great to dream of your VBAC as a positive and beautiful experience, it is crucial to start healing from your c-section BEFORE Your VBAC.

This episode of theVBACpodcast will explain why planning a healing VBAC plan is dangerous and what you SHOULD focus on for a positive birth after cesarean.

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