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Episode 1 of 1: Shailee Basnet's Lessons for High-Performing Teams
Episode 1 of 1: Shailee Basnet's Lessons for High-Performing Teams
In this inspiring interview, Shailee Basnet, a Nepalese mountaineer and leader, shares her unique experiences climbing Mount Everest and leading the Seven Summits Women Team in that endeavour. She shares the driving purpose behind the team to challenge gender stereotypes and managing team conflict and the importance of shared vision and commitment. She shares how her own purpose has shifted from personal achievements to empowering others. On failure, she shares the moment her team had to turn back from a summit climb and how that was to be celebrated as it prioritised safety. She shares candidly about humour, love, and perspective in overcoming challenges, and offers insights for maintaining emotional and mental resilience. She talks about her recently launched Female Leadership Academy, a project empowering young women in Nepal, and her future plans of using stand-up comedy as a fundraiser for the academy.TakeawaysConflict within a team can be managed through a shared vision and commitment to a common goal.Innovation and trying new approaches are essential in achieving remarkable things.Humour, love, and perspective are essential in maintaining resilience.The Female Leadership Academy empowers young women in Nepal and aims to create a generation of super empowered individuals.Thanks for listening to the Crazy Might Work Podcast! We hope you have enjoyed listening to the great conversations with extraordinary people. For more resources, go here