TRAVEL EDITION: Worst Friends To Travel With, Fighting Old Ladies in China & Getting Drugged in Tokyo!? SOLO EP | Ep. 61

Level: Asian

12-11-2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

Join us as we 'wine down' and share some of the craziest and most unforgettable travel experiences.

Hear Davie's untold pre-trip break-up story, Noel's backpacking adventures, Kan's year-long trip to Asia & Europe, and Viv’s SOLO travel experiences vs. with family.

We also answer questions like:

  • What travel compromises have we made in the past that we wouldn't make today?
  • If we could choose any member of the L:A crew for a journey, who would it be?
  • And if we could fly tomorrow, where would we go?

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