Is Your Personal Brand Helping or Hurting Your Future Success?

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now

10-02-2021 • 55 mins

The Buzz 1: “Social media can also be a powerful tool for your professional life…It can also be full of pitfalls. More employers and recruiters now regularly check candidates’ social media profiles before hiring them, and screenshots of status updates and tweets mean your electronic words can live forever, even if you delete them later…it’s not just your own posts—your activity, including those stealth “likes,” can come back to haunt you, too… every post you’ve liked, commented on, or shared, in addition to any posts you’re sharing to your feed.” [] The Buzz 2: “Creating a personal brand on social media…it’s about what you stand for and what people should expect when they see you’ve posted a new piece of content.” [] We’ll ask Loic Simon, Lindsey Boggs, Jonathan Pogact and Sylvia Lachkar to predict How Your Personal Social Brand Could Help or Hurt Your Future Career, Business, Influence, Reputation and Life.