In The Dark (Bigfoot, Dogmen, Aliens, All Things Supernatural)

Tracie Bush

We are kept "in the dark." I believe there is a massive cover up with missing people, cryptids, aliens and many supernatural occurrences. It's up to us to uncover the truth and protect one another. Bigfoot, Dogmen, Aliens, Skinwalkers, The Rake, Vampires, Ghosts, Demons, Giants...many many creatures and entities exist. It's time for the truth to be exposed. Will be telling my own stories and other people's encounters and experiences Support this podcast: read less


Creepy Bigfoot Group Encounter & More!
Creepy Bigfoot Group Encounter & More!
There's no way to deny the link between what's going on with all the supernatural, cryptid and ET sightings. We talk about it on my podcast. On this episode we touch on all of that and tell an account of a group bigfoot encounter. A little bit about the psychic reading I had done. A lot of people, most people that are Christians don't condone getting readings from psychics or mediums. I myself deal with that type of ability so I'm trying to understand it. I'm trying to see where it fits in with the Lord. Why there are people that are born with or have natural abilities to sense things or have dreams or visions and the Bible talks about people having these abilities. So I'm trying to figure all this out as best I can and research it as best I can. I try to keep an open mind within reason without getting too out there but everything it seems is a bit out there so if you don't agree with getting a reading, and I'm not sure how I feel about it myself, I fully understand that feeling but please bear in mind I'm searching for answers. I'm trying to find where all this fits into the Biblical and if this information has been suppressed from us, if it's been taken from us, the abilities and the information have we been robbed of it, have we been denied it, have we been put to sleep from it? Why do some people have it and others don't? People that are Christian people that love the Lord and and follow Him but they have the ability to see things or predict things or dream things. I'm always searching for the truth. I'm not here to offend anybody or have somebody think that I'm dabbling in something of the dark side because that's not my intention. Enjoy the show! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: