EP:183 - Facing The Dark Within The Artist's Journey with Jamie Wollrab

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05-01-2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

Join us as we unfold the artist's journey with my dear friend and artist, Jamie Wollrab who’s  inspired me personally through his guidance over the years.

For the better part of two decades, Jamie Wollrab has been a multi-faceted coach. In this time, he has worked with some of the most influential people in the entertainment, music, personal development, and wellness communities.  Beginning in 2002, his focus lay extensively in the area of performance, acting, and voice.

He holds a BFA in Theatre from Texas Christian University and a Masters Degree in Acting from the Mason Grosse School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Beyond his studies in school, he has also been mentored by world-renowned voice teachers.

In 2014, Jamie began studying with the men’s leadership and embodiment coach, John Wineland, and assisted countless workshops with John in both the area of masculine work as well as relationship and intimacy. Additionally, Jamie co-teaches embodiment workshops geared toward Jungian shadow integration and chakra sound healing.

While his years spent in the world of acting and performance have greatly impacted and influenced him as a teacher, his true passion lies in joining success, artistic fulfillment, and emotional and spiritual health.

We discuss…

-The transformative synergy of artistic collaboration.

- The power of authenticity in our lives. - True success is not just about our achievements but its what resonates with our inner alignment.

- Through the lens of alchemy, we examine the process of personal transformation, embracing the idea that our greatest masterpiece is the canvas of life itself.

- How confronting our personal darkness can lead to a more authentic and powerful creative voice.

- Finally, we open up about the significance of authenticity in the realm of coaching and the importance of facing our emotions, even when they lead us into the dark.

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