EP 90 - Simple Strategies For Creating & Committing To Your New Year's Resolutions This Year

Integrate Yourself | Inspiring you to integrate all aspects of health in your life!

22-12-2019 • 23 mins

Are you tired to burning out in January? Do you feel like you're creating the same unsuccessful pattern every year? Do you have really great intentions about accomplishing your fitness goals only to end up feeling unsatisfied and not complete? In this episode I share 3 of my top tips for finding success in your fitness new years resolutions this year. -Why finding the right coach is key to your success longterm-The power of acknowledging what is working-Why creating space allows you to find more joy in the process and longterm sustainability-Why building trust is important foundation for finding success in your fitness practice this yearAccess show notes at:https://www.pureenergypdx.com/integrate-yourself-podcast/new-years-fitness-resolution-successJoin me in Oregon for my Ground + Connect Women's Wellness Retreat:https://www.pureenergypdx.com/new-events/womens-wellness-retreat-oregonOrder your Four Sigmatic medicinal mushrooms and get 10% off with my code: INTEGRATEYOURSELFhttps://foursigmatic.com/?rfsn=2762700.9f84e3c63&discount=INTEGRATEYOURSELF

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