EP 187: Embracing Money Bliss: Wealth from within with Hanna Bier

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24-02-2024 • 54 mins

In a world filled with external messages of success and fulfillment, true wealth begins within.  Hanna takes us on a transformative journey to unlock the abundant reservoir of joy, freedom and abundance that resides deep within you.

Hanna Bier is an acclaimed author and money mentor. She works with ambitious women all over the world to recreate their relationship with money in a life-affirming, positive and loving way.

She spent seven years trying to answer the question:  Is it possible to create wealth without compromising our health, wellness and happiness?  Can we actually create abundant lives while living a life of joy?

Happily the answer was a resounding yes and this is the work she now does with her clients.

Hanna Bier is my personal money mentor and prolific author of , Wealth From Within, A women's guide to finding joy, freedom and abundance - Empowering financial intelligence and growth mindset.

When Hanna's not performing her variety of magic, she enjoys the balance of motherhood, living throughout Europe and spending time with her young daughter.

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