EP 182: Harnessing the New Year's Energy for Joyful Ascension - Insights & Themes for 2024

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22-12-2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Ever felt weighed down by expectations that suppress your true self?  Join me along with my dear friends who are wonderful practitioners, Judy Bettencourt and Alyssa Huntley.  We embark on an enlightening journey and talk about how the collective has been dismantling the 'false matrix' and how we get the opportunity to step into our true authenticity and personal power now like never before.

Together, we discuss societal norms that have constrained us in the past and share transformative insights that will inspire you to align with our core essence, revealing how quantum healing hypnosis and the emerging wisdom of light workers can illuminate paths previously shrouded in shadows.

As we approach this new year's vibrant energies, our conversation dances through the importance of joy, the conscious shedding of drama and how we can transmute past programed identities into our personal power.

We talk about the complexities of channeling, the art of facing fears with grace and the recognition of emotional shadows as hallmarks of a reality we're poised to transcend. Judy and Alyssa, with their rich tapestry of experiences, offer wisdom that will inspire you to maintain spiritual integrity while ascending to higher planes of consciousness.

As the energies shift with the turning of the calendar, we reflect on our profound potential both individually and collectively. With heartfelt appreciation, we delve into our shared experiences, placing importance on nurturing the bonds within our community.

Let this episode be an invitation to join our circle, where the transformative power of connection isn't just discussed but deeply felt, and where every listener is encouraged to soar into their most empowered existence alongside us.

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