EP 188: The soul's mission: Understanding our purpose and how the soul guides us with Rhiannon Heins

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11-03-2024 • 1 hr 9 mins

Rhiannon Heins is an intuitive channel, author, energy worker, and the founder of Intuitive Reberth Energy-Work Method. She dedicates her life to her soul work, and underpinning her vision at every stage of her journey has been a desire to initiate as many gifted light-workers as possible into their roles on Earth at this time.

Rhiannon has spent the past ten years working and lecturing as a remedial massage therapist, teaching yoga, meditation & breathwork, and facilitating yoga teacher training internationally. Now, using her signature Intuitive Rebirth energy-work method, Rhiannon is empowering healers to step into their power as high-earning, transformational energy-workers.

In October 2022, she launched her bestselling book, ‘The Keepers Of The Light Codes,’ a channeled text to initiate light-workers into their soul-led mission here on planet Earth.

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In today's episode we talk about:
-The soul's mission: Understanding our purpose and how the soul guides us.
-Healing and empowering yourself: How to use soul-based techniques for personal growth and empowerment.
-Overcoming obstacles: Identifying and working through challenges on the soul's journey.
-Intuitive rebirth: Embracing transformation and growth through intuitive awakening.
-What is intuition? What are the practical tips to awaken intuition and learn to trust it?
-The magnificence and healing qualities of voice activation

Connect with Rhiannon here:
Website: https://www.intuitiverebirth.com/about
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhiannonheins_/
Book: https://www.intuitiverebirth.com/The-Keepers-Of-The-Light-Codes

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