Master the Basics of Wholesale with Melinda Farley from Kollektive Distribution

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02-11-2023 • 44 mins

Are you a brand that sells both direct to consumer on their eCommerce store, as well as wholesale to retail stockists?

One of the most common questions my clients are asking me is, how to wholesale?

How do you actually do it?

Sound familiar?

Having that duality of selling via eCommerce as well as wholesale is actually one of my favourite business models.

And If you do a great job of your branding and marketing, you end up selling better via both channels without the need for discounting.

And  if you do a great job of your branding and marketing online, you do actually grow the sales volume and revenue for both your own business as well as your wholesale stockists.

It is a win-win if you do it well.

But there’s still a mystery around things like what you actually need to have in place in order to wholesale, from pricing to presentation. How to approach stockists and how to help them successfully sell your products.

So, even if you’re a retailer, I reckon you’ll get loads of value from this conversation as well as you brand owners out there.

So to help me unpack this mystery for you today, I’m joined by Melinda Farley, founder of Kollektive, which is a wholesale distributor for many international as well as local brands.

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