‘Not so Happily Ever After’: Romance and the Psychology of a Scam

Anatomy of a Scam

15-12-2022 • 28 mins

After finding the love of her life online, Sharon Armstrong was sure she was headed for her ‘happily ever after.’ Instead, she spent two years in prison.

She fell for the wrong guy, believed the wrong stories…
And uncovering the psychological tactics used against her, along with those used in many other scams, shows that nobody is immune.

Anatomy of a Scam is hosted by Deborah Knight and features:

  • Sharon Armstrong

  • Monica Whitty - Professor of Human Factors in Cyber Security at Monash University

  • David Lacey - Managing Director, IDCARE

Anatomy of a Scam is made in collaboration with CommBank. Stay CommBank Safe with services that help protect you from scams and fraud 24/7. Remember 3 simple steps: Stop. Check. Reject.

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