Episode 8: Barbara Bryn Klare

ARTish Plunge

14-04-2021 • 51 mins

Artist BARBARA BRYN KLARE works with “rescued textiles,” using thread as line and cloth as paint to explore topics such as fragility and sustainability. The ARTish Plunge podcast explores how Barbara, a Ohio resident with long-held connections to the San Francisco Bay area, worked as a surface designer and had a decades-long career as a technical writer before textiles brought her back to art as both a creator and curator.

Find Barbara:
Website: barbarabrynklare.com
Instagram: barbarabrynklare


  • Cecilia Vicuña    (see)
  • Louise Bourgeois (see)
  • Gee's Bend quilters (see)
  • Boro and sashiko stitching (learn)
  • Sri Threads (see)
  • Yoshiko Wada, de Young Museum (watch)
  • Center for Craft, Ashville NC (learn)
  • Textile sketchbooks
  • Jody Alexander (see)
  • "Reveal," ThisGallery.org (learn)
  • Modern Boro / Instagram (follow)
  • "Vanishing," ThisGallery.org (see)
  • Flowstate.fm (listen)

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Music:"Surf Guitar Madness," Alexis Messier,
Licensed by PremiumBeat.com

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