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KIM KEMMIS: "I Had An Exorcism [To Change My Sexuality]"
KIM KEMMIS: "I Had An Exorcism [To Change My Sexuality]"
In this episode, there is mention of severe homophobia, transphobia, and suicide. If any of the topics discussed is triggering for you, please seek help by visiting Lifeline's website at or by calling 13 11 14. You can also call QLife at 1800 184 527. Kim was in his teens when he came across a beat in Cronulla in Sydney where he experimented with his sexuality and later found out that he was bisexual. It was the 1970s and Conversion Therapy was promising to rid queer Christian folk from their bodily sins. Now Historian Kim Kemmis takes us through what it was like for him to undergo an exorcism, live in fear of AIDS and the accompanying stigma, and navigate feelings towards men now that he was a married man.  LINKS Find out about Kim's research at Sydney Uni the Netflix doco "Pray Away" Kim's suggestion "Boy Erased" your own voice memos for your Episode Feedback or Nightmare Fuel to Review the podcast on Apple Podcasts Access Transcripts here  CREDITS  Host: Abbie Chatfield @abbiechatfield Guest: Kim Kemmis @kim.kemmisExecutive Producer: Lem Zakharia @lemzakhariaCo-Creative Producer: Oscar Gordon @oscargordon Social and Video Producer: Amy Code @amycode Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh  Find more great podcasts like this at for privacy information.