Healthy Disagreement - Think Again Series - Chapter 4

The Industry of Trust

09-03-2023 • 28 mins

Chapter four of Adam Grant's "Think Again" delves into the value of constructive conflict in the workplace. We talk about the differences of "personal conflict" and "task conflict," and we show how encouraging healthy disagreement can improve your team's ability to solve problems and make smarter choices.

We discuss the importance of leaders engaging in task conflict and creating a brave space for team members to work through differences without taking it personally, and discuss the importance of having a challenge network: a group of people who can help point out personal and professional blind spots.

We also talk about how people-pleasing can be a career-limiting trait, as well as the importance of being authentic and forthcoming about one's own merits and detriments. Moreover, we discuss the significance of a good cultural fit in the workplace, as well as the difficulties of working with team members who aren't a good fit for the organization.

Listen in to find out how to create a work environment that respects individuality and encourages development by encouraging healthy debate and establishing a network of people willing to provide constructive criticism.