#018 - Leading in Crisis Series: Decide

The Industry of Trust

02-06-2021 • 31 mins

Today, we continue our discussion on the MInimally Viable Crisis Leadership Model. A leadership framework for effectively navigating crises.

In a crisis, time kills. You must make decisions faster than you feel comfortable - and most of the time without all of the context you with you had.

First, decide you want to be part of the solution. During some crises, you will not be in a position to help. That's OK, not everyone needs to run into the burning building (just don't get in the way if you aren't in a position to help).

After that, have a perspective about what you think the future holds and what the best path forward is - then go and make adjustments over time. Effective and rapid decision-making will have an outsized impact on the ripple effects you are creating into the future.

If you want more details on the full framework, check out this overview post: https://robertgreiner.com/leading-through-crisis/.

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