Finding the Sweet Spot of Confidence - Think Again Series - Chapter 2

The Industry of Trust

04-01-2023 • 35 mins

Today we continue our discussion on the ideas and insights from the world of psychology and business in Chapter 2 Think Again by Adam Grant - The Armchair Quarterback and the Imposter.

The Armchair Quarterback and Imposter Syndrome are the polar opposites of human behavior. On one hand, the Armchair Quarterback operates in a world where their confidence exceeds their competence. The name is popularized by the millions of American Football fans that scream at their television every week when the Quarterback doesn't find the wide open receiver to throw to as he's getting sacked.

On the other end, we have Imposter Syndrome (take the quiz here: where we are operating in a state where we don't believe we deserve the success we have obtained. We think our success is a fluke, that we don't deserve what we have achieved, and are worried about being "found out" as incompetent.

It turns out, like everything else in life, there should be a balance between competence and humility. This balance can be found through objective standards and feedback loops. We discuss the various ways our network can help provide a mirror of reality for us to help combat the Imposter and Armchair Quarterback in all of us.

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