Ep. 21 Breast Pain: Don’t Suffer in Silence

The Boob Business Podcast by Milk Diva

07-03-2023 • 59 mins

Boob problems: Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, Abscess, Galactocele

“When you’re going through something hard... Just because there’s not a way out doesn’t mean there’s not a way through.”
-Tori Tso

If you've ever been through a super complex, stressful health issue... you know it can feel like you'll never be the same 😓  When this complex health issue is related to breastfeeding it's easy to become discouraged and give up.

In this episode I sat down with one of our patients, Tori Tso, to talk about her difficult journey through all the complications of mastitis and how close she was to ending her breastfeeding journey (and not by choice).

Tori explains how she went from an easy breastfeeding experience to pain, swelling, fevers, needle aspirations, and ultimately surgery….all the way on the other side of the country!

Though her story is painful, it's also filled with persistence, self-advocacy, and ultimately her ability to save her breastfeeding relationship. 🐣❤️

If you are breastfeeding and develop any kind of breast infection, lump, abscess, or lesion, it can be very difficult to know which provider to see. OB, Midwife, Primary Care Provider, Breast Surgeon? As you will hear from Tori’s journey, sometimes seeing the right kind of provider doesn’t necessarily mean they will be equipped to provide care for a lactating breast without recommending breastfeeding cessation (weaning).

Listen in to hear Tori share how she maneuvered through these challenges and ultimately had surgery and saved her breastfeeding journey.

Show Notes:

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