Grundy to Xerri? Fix up trades, must-have cash cows

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18-03-2024 • 59 mins

Roy, Calvin and Warnie are back ready to go after an eventful round one which saw Calvinator up towards the top, and the Warne Dawgs down near the bottom. The boys chat through how to use your trades this week, the best rookies to have and answer plenty of your questions.

Episode guide

2:00 - Calvin takes pride in Warnie's poor start to the year.

6:20 - Roy names up Max Gawn as his best player of the week.

10:00 - Marcus Bontempelli didn't perform as Warnie expected.

13:30 - Cash Cow of the Year votes with Colby McKercher gaining the five votes.

15:00 - News of the week.

19:30 - What to do with Brodie Grundy.

25:00 - Who do we hold or fold after a poor round one showing - including Jai Newcombe, Connor Budarick and Cam Mackenzie.

28:00 - Ollie Wines was the fourth banana.

31:25 - What is the best rookie structure in the midfield?

35:50 - Roy has Matt Crouch at the top of his mid-priced player list to consider.

40:00 - Who are the most traded players so far this week?

42:15 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter, @aflfantasy on Instagram and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

47:20 - Is it better to get a rookie (Jeremy Sharp) or a mid-priced player (Nat Fyfe)?

51:30 - Are there any standout performers from round one that we should be cautious with?

55:55 - Is Marcus Bontempelli worth a rage trade?

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